Wetrooms and waterproof tanking systems

It is important when considering a wetroom to use the correct products.
We have listed 2 of the most common. Contact us for more information and options

Norcros Wet Seal waterproof tanking system

Norcros Wet Seal is a white brush applied tanking membrane specifically designed for use beneath ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles and mosaics on both internal walls and floors in installations subject to intermittent and frequent wetting such as domestic and commercial showers, wet rooms and saunas.

Norcros Wet Seal is sold in kit form, consisting of 5kg of liquid membrane, 500ml of Norcros Prime Bond Primer and 10m of 100mm wide waterproof polyester tape. Additional 5m lengths of 100mm wide tape and 1m x 1m pieces of waterproof polyester matting are available if required. The polyester tape and matting are designed to reinforce the membrane in areas where additional stresses may be encountered such as junctions between walls and floors, changes in plane, internal and external corners, around floor drains and channels and on suspended and timber floors and in heavily trafficked areas.

Norcros Wet Seal is suitable for use on all types of substrate for interior tile installations including moisture sensitive backgrounds such as timber, plaster and plasterboard. It is also ideal for use on tile backer boards. N.B. proprietary tile backer boards are designed to remain dimensionally stable during partial/ complete saturation, however they are not impervious to the passage of water until they have been coated with Norcros Wet Seal.

Norcros Wet Seal should not be used externally or in areas of total immersion such as swimming pools.

Norcros Wet Seal may be tiled 24 hours after application, however in low temperatures or in areas of high humidity this drying time will be extended.

Marmox shower lay system

The Showerlay is a low-cost, easy-to-install waterproof base, used in the design of a wet room. There is no other wetroom tray on the market that is as easy to install as the Showerlay.

The Showerlay can be easily cut into most sizes or shapes and forms a floor level, barrier-free panel ready to receive tiles. UseMarmox Self-Adhesive Waterproof Tapearound the edges of the tray and up the corner of the wall.

Unlike many other shower tray brands, a Marmox showerlay is robust enough to allow mosaic tiles as small as 50mm to be laid on it without the risk of compression through point loading.